Villa Pride Week 2022

Hello people! we are excited to announce

#Villa #Pride #week 2022


We hope to see you


from 6 to 10 June in Vienna

Türkis Rosa Lila TIPP is celebrating 40 years since squatted back 1980.

And it’s inviting you, during 5 days, to share together moments of remembering the past, to meet and celebrate the present and to see what awaits us in the future.

For many, Rosa Villa is a place of meeting, friendship and love. For some, it is a place of conflict, breakup and misunderstandings. For others, it’s a place of memories, of adventures and new discoveries.

And all of these help us to grow,

What Türkis Rosa Lila TIPP has provided to many of us is a home, a shelter, a friendly advice, a psychological advice, legal assistance, a space for activism, a space for group activities or one-on-one support, or simply an open and available space for socializing with an ear to listen.

Türkis Rosa Lila TIPP is a crossroads of different cultures, from different lands and all continents.
That is why preserving this Queer oasis is important.

In the 5 days you will find a rich program